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We change the way to find and connect work on the web

The underlying idea of Jobyourlife is very simple: we have combined a new easy way of creating a professional network, intended for workers, with an innovative recruiting system for companies. While our users are creating their own professional network, companies propose new open positions to them. The main objective of Jobyourlife is to provide those companies that use our services with a simpler and more efficient tool for the research of the right candidate and, at the same time, to provide workers with an innovative professional network for their careers. We believe that current processes of research of candidates and work are full of grey zones and they just lack simplicity. Jobyourlife wants to guarantee candidates and companies a great degree of clarity, by basing its work on the set of values that characterise the company: simplicity, confidence and transparency.

Executive Team

Andrea De Spirt

CEO & Founder

Lorenzo Mecocci

COO & Partner

Pietro Stracquadanio

CTO & Partner

Jessica Malfatto

Digital PR

Erik Canale

Online Business Consultant

Riccardo De Martis

Senior Web Developer

Stefano Fois

UI/UX Designer

Damiano Collu

iOS Developer & Android Developer

Elena Germani

Administrative Assistant

Erica Tripepi

Customer Care Agent

Tiziana Ceraulo

Customer Care Agent

Silvia Marcacci

Account Manager

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