Marco Aurelio wouldn't have been the greatest HR manager in history, but certainly he would have had a great
potential to build up a successful career.
It is a arduous task that demands a lot of human energies and has to be done methodically and accurately to be successful. That is why we have created the perfect tool for you (and for Marco Aurelio too).

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We have the solution!

When you are looking for the best candidates into your database of spontaneous applications, but you can't find the right ones, Socrate, with his passion for search, helps you by giving information about the number of profiles registered at Jobyourlife that are suitable for your open position.

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Organize and work in team

Method and accuracy mean also organization. For this reason we have created and developed a system that will help you in organizing all spontaneous applications that come from your website. You can organize applications in folders, examine the most interesting profiles with a single click and collaborate with your team to find the best ones.

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We think that semantics is essential

Each candidate can be suitable. The problem is to find the right one. With Jobyourlife ATS you will have at your disposal our semantic algorithm for the search of your spontaneous applicants. No one will be lost again!

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The more you use it, the less you pay

Marco Aurelio was one of the so-called "Five Good Emperors", because he was generous and enlightened. Following his example, we also have decided to be an enlightened company by launching the first ATS that the more is used, the less you pay, to the point of becoming completely free.

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  • Candidates always in line with your needs

  • Geo-location of the CVs, worldwide or in specific places

  • Matching of the best profiles

  • Easy-to-use semantic algorithm

  • Immediate response time from candidates

  • Ratings and comments

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