Socrate perhaps exaggerates, but Jobyourlife is the search engine that you were waiting for.
Thanks to a semantic algorithm and CVs geo-location, Jobyourlife searches and examines the best profiles just for you.

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Advanced search by geographical area

Searches that are an end in their-selves are a waste of time. What matters for us is to find what you are looking for. Jobyourlife does simple targeted searches helping you, step by step, to spot the best candidates, exactly where you are looking for them.

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jobyourlife recruiting

Paradigm shift

What are targeted job advertisements? For us, they are the opposite of the simple job advertisements, because they are sent only to those people that you want to receive it. Your target users will receive special e-mails or app notifications that are labelled with your brand and they will decide whether to accept or reject your interview invitation. Only suitable interested candidates.

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jobyourlife recruiting

Manage everything with ease

You don't need a HR department to use and manage Jobyourlife as recruiting tool. We created an easy-to-use system to optimise your time.

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  • Candidates always in line with your needs

  • Geo-location of the CVs, worldwide or in specific places

  • Matching of the best profiles

  • Easy-to-use semantic algorithm

  • Immediate response time from candidates

  • Ratings and comments

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