Jobyourlife is a platform that makes use of innovative technologies. Here we inform you about the requirements to take full advantage of your browsing experience. Find out if Jobyourlife platform supports your browser. Find out if your browser is compatible with Jobyourlife platform.

Browser compatibility chart

Internet Explorer
6 7 8 9 10 11+
Google Chrome
<10 Latest version*
Mozilla Firefox
<4.0 4.x Latest version*
<5.0 Latest version*
Not supported
( iOS / Android / Windows Phone )
Not supported
* Recommended browser for the best browsing experience.
  Your browser is up-to-date. The platform is supported.
  Minimum requirements to use the platform.Performances and GUI could encounter limitations and problems while using it. A browser update is recommended.
  Problems has been encountered throughout the use of the full platform. A browser update is strongly recommended.

Update your browser

Do you prefer to install another web browser or update yours?
You can do it here:

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Screen resolution

Please, check your screen resolution settings. The minimum screen resolution recommended is 1280x800