Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Website terms of use

Jobyourlife is not a staff recruitment company but a web platform that allows companies who are seeking out potential candidates (for a job, internship, scholarship, collaboration, or anything else qualifying as employment, occasional or continuous and coordinated collaboration) to be directly connected with Users on the basis of the information provided by both Companies and Users.

Jobyourlife cannot be held accountable for the information uploaded by Users and Companies who, by signing up, take all responsibilities for the statements given in the registration form.

This section outlines the Website Terms of Use, subject to legislation in force for anything that is not explicitly provided for hereunder.


By registering, the Company (for the purpose of this section Company or Companies means any legal person, such as partnerships or corporations, or sole proprietorships, that decides to use the recruitment services offered by Jobyourlife) may use all the services of Jobyourlife in compliance with these Terms of Use and any national or international applicable law, rule and regulation in force, according to the type of service chosen.

The Company shall be exclusively liable for the use of the services and contents uploaded to Jobyoulife and for any consequence that may arise therefrom.

The Companies that register with Jobyourlife shall be required to provide truthful data and information. Multiple accounts are not permitted.

The Company is exclusively liable for the safety of its account and the management of its login password.

Jobyourlife shall not be held liable for any modification of or access to the Company's account by third parties.

The Company is solely responsible for the activities carried out on the website and for the consequences that may arise therefrom.

By agreeing to the Terms of Use, the Company warrants and represents that it is aware that the information contained in the Company's profile page will be visible by all Users registered with our website.

Moreover, the Company warrants and represents to be aware of our Policy Privacy and related Information under D.Lgs. 196/2003, as subsequently amended and supplemented.

The information concerning the job vacancy and type of business carried out by the Company shall be forwarded to Candidates/Users for the purposes of our recruitment service as described in further detail hereunder.


The services offered may be modified without prior notice or communication, to the extent permitted by these Terms of Use and in compliance with the contract chosen by the Company; in any case, fulfilment of the services provided for under such contract shall be ensured.

In the case of modifications that alter the mutual contractual relationship, Jobyourlife shall give at least 30 days notice to the Company, who may decide to either approve such modifications or terminate the contract and delete its account, no longer benefiting from the services offered by our website. In this last case, any unused service shall still be provided and the contract shall terminate when all services have been completed.

In the case of modifications that do no alter the mutual contractual relationship, the Company may be informed personally or through a communication posted on the website, to the discretion of Jobyourlife.

With reference to the recruitment service:

  • Jobyourlife does not accept any responsibility or give any warranty to the Company with reference to the potential opportunities of collaboration with Users/Candidates that may arise out of the use of our services, nor to the information added by the Users/Candidates seeking a job through the above-mentioned services.
  • Jobyourlife may, at any time and without prior notice, suspend or limit provision of the services, access to the website and use of the information uploaded in the event of a breach of these Terms of Use and/or following improper use of our website.
  • Registered Companies will identify on Jobyourlife the profiles of potential candidates to whom the Companies wish to send a contact request for the next phase in which interviews may possibly be arranged directly with the candidates.
  • In no case shall Jobyourlife be involved in this second phase, nor shall it be accountable for the outcome of such interviews.
  • Likewise, Jobyourlife is not responsible for any job offer that does not comply with relevant applicable legislation.
  • User information for the next phase of direct contact will be visible and communicated to the Company only after the Users have accepted the contact request.


All rights on the services offered by our website are exclusively owned by Jobyourlife and its licensees. All services are protected by copyright. You may not use Jobyourlife's name, trademark, logo or any other distinguishing sign. Suggestions by Users (Candidates and Companies) on our service and on possible ways to improve our website will be appreciated. We may use these suggestions freely without any obligation.

Removal of Content and Account

To delete your account and remove all your information from our website company.jobyourlife.com, please send an email to support@jobyourlife.com, explicitly setting out your request. Your account will be deleted within 48 hours.


All invoices pertaining to the Company's account, for the purchase of both CREDITS and SUBSCRITIONS, will be automatically generated upon purchase and directly saved onto your account on company.jobyourlife.com, in the section "Subscription/Credit Status". The Company can download such invoices by clicking on "Download".


The Client can terminate the contract by notice to be sent through registered mail with return receipt to Jobyourlife Srl.

In the event that the contract is terminated before the due expiry date, or the Company sends a request to delete its account, Jobyourlife shall be entitled to retain, by way of penalty, the amounts paid by the Company for the entire duration of the contract.

If the Company deletes its account, the amounts paid for the purchase of credits shall not be refunded.




Our services are not intended for children under 15 years of age. Should a Company become aware of personal data uploaded by children without consent by the parental authority or legal guardian, we kindly ask you to write to support@jobyourlife.com. We will take the necessary measures to remove such personal information and delete the child's account.

Rights - Copyright

By accepting these Terms of Use you represent and warrant that you have ownership of the contents uploaded and you indemnify Jobyourlife against any loss or damage that may arise out of such contents.